Bitcoin Casino List

It is nearly impossible, in this day and age, to fathom a world without the internet. The world wide web is everywhere and in everything in some manner or form and nearly anything is possible in the virtual world today. Only about ten years ago, when the internet was just past the infancy stage, a person who called himself or herself Satoshi Nakamoto proposed an idea and planted the seed for the bitcoin, what he floated was the concept of a virtual currency which would rid of all the problems and disadvantages associated with traditional forms of currency, problems such as middlemen, taxes, seizures, etc.

It was only in May of 2007 that the concept of the bitcoin was specked out, but in 2008, less than a year after the idea came into existence, people were already taking the bitcoin seriously. In today’s world, the bitcoin is a widely used form of currency and people use the bitcoin for all sorts of services and trades and to exchange goods. One of the biggest advantages of the bitcoin is that the transactions are untraceable and this in turn helps the parties involved in the transaction stay completely anonymous. It is precisely because of this that the online gambling industry were quick to adopt the use of the bitcoin and thus was born the lucrative bitcoin casinos (for more info visit that host thousands and thousands of online gamblers today.

Bitcoin gambling and games

Furthermore, as an added inherent advantage, the bitcoin also essentially allows players from parts of the world where prior to the bitcoin they could not legally gamble using traditional forms of currency to also partake in online gambling without any concerns.

Players not only from the US and Europe, but from all around the globe may now enjoy all sorts of casino games without any limitations. Video poker, rummy, dice, sports betting, slots, blackjack, whatever your crutch is you can fully satisfy all your online gambling desires with the help of the not so modest bitcoin.

Are bitcoin casinos fair?

This is an understandably valid question that a lot of online gamblers will have. Since the bitcoin is not regulated, does this mean bitcoin casinos are not regulated? And it they aren’t regulated then how can we be sure that they will not cheat their players?

Well, the fact of the matter is that bitcoin casinos, just like traditional online casinos are also subject to the technology of provably fair. As long as a bitcoin casino is provably fair certified, it more or less means that it is 100% fair in its operations, payouts, odds and every other aspect.

So if you are new to bitcoin casinos and are apprehensive about investing in one, then as a player, all you need to look for is a bitcoin casino which has the provably fair attestation on it. If you see that is is provably fair then you can most certainly trust it with every penny you have.